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Omnitech Enters the Health Industry

Omnitech enters the health industry with its first supply chain management project successfully completed in Healthcare.

The team are proud to be supporting clinicians and patients in the delivery of 7SBio’s European role out with Clonallon laboratories.

The roll out has helped vulnerable patients across the UK get access to vital blood testing services.

Omnitech is a Born Global Company

Omnitech is a born global company. Its founders hail from across Europe, to Turkey. A diverse and multi faceted team Omnitech already houses offices in United Kingdom, Ireland/ European Union, Turkey

Omnitech partner with Funds Axis

Omnitech partner with Funds Axis in our quest to provide better end to end compliance software and services.

Darren Burrows Managing Director of the firm congratulates OmniTech on its incorporation.

“Omnitech has a great opportunity to transform the delivery of IT services within the financial technology sector Funds Axis supports the company and intends to throw our weight behind the firm expanding our list of products and services as a result

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