Quality Standards

We meet the highest delivery standards and work in a way that allies with the Frascati principles for innovation. Ensuring your planned R&D is billed and delivered correctly.

Quality is core to good software development, and we apply a variety of standards as part of our service in order to ensure solid customer outcomes. Your ability to consciously select of the qualities you wish to focus on is core to our proposition:

We have four main quality standards:

  • Time – A fixed deadline that cannot be moved due to internal or external factors
  • Cost – The amount and seniority and cost level of resource deployed on the project, and the time for which that resource is deployed
  • Features – The functions you wish to be live within your product on the day of release
  • Quality Standard – A question often overlooked but the quality standards you apply can dramatically affect the costs of development within your organisation. Its particularly important to health care and financial services companies that methodologies are robust and consistent so its important to consider this when defining the other three elements of the pyramid.

While we apply a project management professional / Prince 2 approach to project initiation so as to ensure your company has a sense of cost before embarking on what may be a significant project. We apply Agile as our selected methodology for execution.

Unlike other organisations we understand more than just tech and can apply even innovation standards to your platform (yes there are standard methodologies involved in innovation!)

Our Frascati based approach helps you ensure your methodology is sound and that you are innovating in the most effective way possible.

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