SDG Sustainable Development Goals

As a Fourth Sector organisation Omnitech team strive to make a positive social contribution. We hope that you learn to share our belief.

Through contributing to the SDG you can reduce waste, energy usage and improve the motivation of your staff all at the same time as improving the bottom line through a constant drive for effciency.

Its a Win Win Win.

We strongly believe the fact that helping others helps us ourselves. The skills and experiences I gained through my involvement in the charity sector gave me hands-on knowledge of Planning, Accounting, Marketing, Business Structure, not to mention personal motivation. All in all the positive experiences I enjoyed enabled me to grow quickly from being a recruitment consultant to becoming a CEO.

We feel that everyone can gain from utilizing and sharingtheir talents in the support of others, whether through helping colleagues or through working to support charities at the super sprint. Every act of kindness passed on brings benefit in return. We hope you will join us in placing Social Responsibility at the heart of everything Omnisoft stands for and none of this is at odds with the bottom line.

Andrew Cuthbert, Founder

We make a difference on a global scale; improving the standards of service in financial services and pushing the boundaries of financial technology.

1. For details on Fourth Sector organisations visit

2. See ‘Social Capital’ by John Fields (2nd Edition 2008), published by Rutledge

Andrew Cuthbert, Founder

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